Sonic Superstars: Why the Game Deserves More Sales This Holiday Season

2023-11-30 07:29:49

HQ While most of the video game press and gamers seem to agree that Sonic Superstars is a great game that offers a very fun Sonic experience, the game still doesn’t seem to be selling at the rate it should. In Sega Sammy’s latest round of financial results, they revealed that sales were “slightly weaker” than expected, although they weren’t too worried, ultimately expecting its sales to be in line with Sonic Frontiers, a game it said was “significantly ahead of” Predicted games, because Christmas is truly the best time of the year for Sonic: “D221abb70f6e34fb3996ad071f3d2672f D221abb70f6e34fb3996ad071f3d2672f was released in October and had a weaker start than we expected, but in reality, Sonic IP sales peaked mainly in 11 From November to December, more than 90% of the game’s marketing costs will be spent on Thanksgiving and the holidays after November. Although in the financial results announced today, we predicted that the sales of this game will be slightly weak, considering the above Starting status, we plan to continue our marketing efforts to achieve the same sales levels as Sonic Frontiers. If you haven’t played D6079ea28d06941978d55ad0d2f8f1b57 yet, then you can check out our review here and watch 15 minutes of gameplay below to Find out why we and others love it so much. HQ Thanks, Nintendo Life.
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