Cara Delevingne ‘gifted an orgasm’ to science


UnusualCara Delevingne ‘gifted an orgasm’ to science

In her documentary series “Planet Sex”, the model explains that female sexual desire has been suppressed and wants to study it.

Cara Delevingne gave her blood before and after a masturbation session.

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In her documentary series “Planet Sex” Cara Delevingne explores issues of sexuality and gender. For this first episode, the actress agreed to have a sample of her blood taken before and after a masturbation session so that researchers could study the physiological effects of this sexual act on her body.

This experiment aims to measure the levels of endocannabinoids, molecules secreted by the human body, at two distinct times. They are known to reduce anxiety, increase euphoria and boost libido.

“I want to open the dialogue”

“I’m here to have an orgasm and donate it to science,” she exclaimed outside a hospital in Germany. “I think female sexual desire has definitely been suppressed. Yet I know from experience that women can be very sexual. So, it’s time, in the 21st century, for men and women to have an equally satisfying sexuality, right?

With this series, Cara Delevingne would like to “open the dialogue”, but also to gather as many people around this subject as sexuality and which she describes as “one of the most fascinating in the world”. “Let’s not talk about rain or shine or what we’re going to do on the weekend, let’s talk about sex,” she says.

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