Caritas on the earthquake in Nepal: What counts now is quick help shortly before the onset of winter

2023-11-04 15:25:34

Caritas Austria has been supporting people in the region with projects on food security and disaster resilience since 2011. Every donation helps!

Vienna (OTS) A severe earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 hit the rural provinces of Karnali and Rukum on the night of November 3rd – and has already left around 130 dead and many injured. Houses and accommodation in the affected provinces were almost completely destroyed, and it is feared that there will be more dead and injured under the rubble.
Access to the region is currently difficult. However, Caritas Nepal is in constant contact with the local government and local partners for a full assessment in order to send teams and help on the way.
Andreas Knapp, Secretary General International Programs at Caritas Austria: “We know the region very well and have been there since 2011 with projects on food security and climate and disaster resilience. The population was already dependent on our help before the earthquake, but now many have lost relatives and friends and are left without shelter shortly before winter.”

“It is now a matter of providing windproof and weatherproof tents, warm winter packages and medical assistance as quickly as possible. In order to best support the affected people and our local partners with emergency aid, every donation counts. We have already released 10,000 euros from the disaster fund. We urgently ask for your donation, because every donation alleviates the suffering in Nepal,” says Knapp.
Nepal was hit by a severe earthquake in 2015, leaving almost 9,000 dead and 22,000 injured. Caritas Austria recently completed an earthquake preparation program with local partners in the western provinces of Nepal in view of the predicted even stronger earthquake in the region.

Every donation counts. Thanks!
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