Carlos Tevez left Larreta in orsay

In the last days they met statements by former soccer player Carlos Tevez, who asserted that Carlos “Chapa” Retegui was going to leave 40 people without work if he resigned to his position as Secretary of Sports of the City of Buenos Aires, to accompany him in the technical direction of the Rosario Central Club. After knowing this information, I have presented in the Legislature a request for information to the head of government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, which was rejected by the ruling party, so that he responds to the residents of the city, what are the functions that they carry out this people? Did they enter as a replacement for other agents or was the functional plant of the organism increased by that number?

Let’s do some memory. Larreta demonstrated the place that sport has in his management by going 16 months without naming a replacement for Luis Lobo, who was the highest sports authority in the city until his resignation on June 29, 2020, accused of organizing a paddle tournament in full quarantine.

There are very specific data. The evolution of the budgets during the governments of Macri and Larreta show, as can be seen in the graph below, that the interest in accompanying the development of sports activity in the city has clearly regressed in these 15 years that they govern the city. . The expenditure allocated to the Undersecretary of Sports in the City of Buenos Aires, between the years 2007 and 2021, grew fifty times less than the total public expenditure.

Now, once Retegui was appointed, according to media statements, these forty incorporations took place. Could it be that suddenly Larreta was awakened by an immense desire for the neighbors to do sports or does all this come from the hand of his candidacy for president? It would be extremely important that instead of spending $8,366,660 a day on advertising, it invested more in the development of sports in the city and drastically changed the orientation of that disinvestment arrow that clearly shows the little importance that its management gives to such sensitive areas for our city as health, education and sports.

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