Catholic University Transfer News: Latest Updates on Potential Signings for 2024 Season

2023-12-07 03:02:25

Catholic University The hope of being able to qualify for the 2024 Copa Sudamericana remains intact and while the team finalizes the details to face the last date of the National Championship, the leadership focuses on what will be next year’s team and the reinforcements that will arrive at the club. But to everyone’s surprise, Nicolás Núñez wants to strengthen the team’s offensive zone and to do so he is following in the footsteps of a Colocolino player.

The coach of the UC, although he is focused on what will be the end of the season, he does not take his eyes off what the January transfer market will be and, for this, he already has prepared a long list of players that he likes to reinforce the squad. Just as the team has had serious problems in the midfield sector during the year due to injuries or lack of a midfielder, they also had problems in the right sector of the forward, so Catholic University It is behind the steps of one end.

Ortiz and Tapia are two players who came out of the crossed quarry

Nicolás Núñez is looking for a winger on the right, since his favorite alignment is 4-3-3, so he will want to incorporate players to enhance the key positions in the squad. Precisely in that sector of the playing field, they only have Gonzalo Tapia and Jorge Ortiz and in light of this they assure that the 39-year-old strategist is following in the footsteps of a figure from Colo Colo, but he has a difference with the leadership of The fringe.

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As reported by journalist Rodrigo Arellano on his YouTube profile, Catholic University He approached Nicolás Núñez with a name, but the coach is convinced to sit down and talk to the directors of Blanco y Negro to finalize the loan arrival of one of his players whose name has not yet been revealed. Therefore, all that remains is to wait for Cruzados to accept the trainer’s request in order to begin conversations with the Cacique.

In 2018, Andrés Vilches and Marco Bolados arrived at UC on loan from Colo Colo

A possible reinforcement is excited about reaching the UC

Although the identity of the Colocolino player to reinforce the right wing of Universidad Católica has not yet been revealed, in the same position there are several footballers who are dreaming of reaching San Carlos de Apoquindo. Among them, Maximiliano Guerrero stands out, a 23-year-old attacker who works for Deportes La Serena and is excited about being able to wear the colors of La Franja in the near future, since he takes into account that his contract ends in December 2024.

While La Serena is hopeful of being able to sell the young forward in this upcoming transfer market, Guerrero himself made it clear a few months ago that his desire is to be able to join the club. “I would like to play in one of the big three in Chile, abroad, Europe, although what I want most is the national team, I have always dreamed of it since I was a child, that would be wonderful,” he explained in conversation with “El Día” at the beginning of anus.

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