Causes and treatment of bad breath despite frequent washing

Some suffer from bad breath, which embarrasses them, and pushes them to wash the teeth Continuously, but to no avail, the mouth smell remains repulsive.

According to the Mayo Clinic, there is more than one reason that can cause bad breath in the mouth, often the back of the tongue, and there are preventive measures that protect and treat this problem.

Causes and solutions of bad breath

Oral health can be the underlying cause of bad breath, and taking the following preventive measures is often the best solution:

Mouthwash and toothpaste

And resort to lye and paste if the cause of mouth odor is the accumulation of bacteria on the teeth, in order to eliminate germs, which cause the accumulation of plaques.

dental disease

But if you suffer from gum disease at the time of bad breath, the matter may be due to the receding of the gums from the teeth, which forms deep pockets filled with odor-causing bacteria.

Sometimes the fillings or dental restorations have been damaged, and the solution is then to replace the dental restorations or remove their damaged fillings, which are a breeding ground for bacteria, and fill them again.

General tips for reducing and preventing bad breath

Brushing teeth

Maintaining brushing teeth after each meal that is eaten, preferably if the toothpaste used contains fluoride, and this is done at least twice a day.


Interdental floss is used to remove food debris and calculus from between the teeth, at a rate of at least once a day.

Tongue brushing

The tongue is a haven for bacteria, so cleaning it, whether with a scraper or brush, is very important, especially for those with tongues full of bacteria due to smoking or dry mouth.

Avoid dry mouth

The moister the mouth, the less chance of unpleasant odors, in addition to avoiding tobacco, coffee, soft drinks or alcohol, and others that lead to dry mouth.

Adjust the diet

There are foods that cause bad breath, such as onions and garlic, and it is best to avoid them if you are going to meet someone.

There are foods that cause bad breath - Creative Commons

Renew the brush regularly

It is preferable to change your worn-out brush, and to renew it in approximately three to four months, and to choose the one with soft hair.

Periodic examination by doctors

Whether the examination is to ensure the health of the mouth, or to clean it, it is preferable to visit a doctor the teeth At least twice a year.

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