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CBA Comprehensive: CBA’s new season kicks off the defending champion Liaoning welcomes a “good start”

Xinhua News Agency, Hangzhou, October 10 (Reporter Xia Liang) The first stage of the 2022-2023 Chinese Men’s Basketball Professional League (CBA) regular season kicked off in Hangzhou on the 10th. The defending champion Liaoning team defeated Guangzhou 74:64. The Xiamen team ushered in a “good start” for the new season.

Before the game, the Liaoning team received last season’s championship ring. In the first quarter of the game, the Guangsha team was slow to enter the state on the offensive end, scoring only 6 points in a single quarter, and lagging behind the Liaoning team by as many as 17 points in the first quarter. The Guangsha team, which adjusted in time, regained its touch in the second quarter, reducing the point difference to 7 points at the end of the half-time at 24:14 in a single quarter.

After changing sides, although the Guangsha team once chased the score to 39 in the opening stage, the Liaoning team quickly opened the score again with a wave of scoring climax, and entered the final quarter with a 63:50 lead. The Liaoning team had a low hit rate in the final quarter, but the Guangsha team was also inefficient on the offensive end. In the end, the Liaoning team won 74:64.

In the whole game, Guo Ailun of the Liaoning team scored 16 points, 14 rebounds and 5 assists, and Fogg scored a team-high 24 points. Cummings of Guangsha team scored 23 points, and Sun Minghui scored 8 points and 11 assists.

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In another game on the same day, the Shenzhen team took advantage of the Shandong team’s lack of attack in the third quarter to open the score and finally won 102:90.

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