CELLAR STONE – Rise & Fall

A summer album! Was my first thought when I played “Rise & Fall”, the second album by the Greeks CELLAR STONE, for the same number of times. Hair blowing in the wind as we cruise down the local equivalent of the Sunset Strip. Or up. Well, firstly, there is hardly any hair blowing on the reviewer’s head and secondly, air conditioning is much more pleasant in this heat. And who drives a convertible when the first storm hits you horizontally in the face.

Anyway, a summer album full of heavy rock songs. Eleven pieces in number. Well played, well sung. Unfortunately, the songs are very similar and unfortunately there aren’t really any highlights apart from a few refrains. I haven’t heard CELLAR STONE’s first album, so I don’t know if anything has changed, improved or worsened, but “Rise & Fall” won’t lead to a massive increase in popularity. In addition, with the peculiar guitar sound.

Sorry friends from the south. Heavy rock can be so gripping, unfortunately your second album is not gripping.

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