Hard Rock: a controversial economic injection for southern Catalonia that destabilizes two governments | News from Catalonia

The negotiation of the Catalan budgets and its recent failed outcome has been conditioned by the political tug-of-war around a hotel complex with a mega-casino that the multinational Hard Rock intends to build in Salou (Tarragona). The project is full of big figures: 2,000 jobs, an investment of 700 million euros and with the capacity … Read more

Budgets of Catalonia: Aragonès and Illa sign the agreement on the Catalan Budgets and its approval depends on two votes | Catalonia | Spain

After finalizing the details throughout this Monday, the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, and Salvador Illa, first secretary of the PSC, will sign the budget agreement for 2024 at 4:00 p.m. this Tuesday at the Palau de la Generalitat. The leader of the opposition has already presented details of this alliance in Parliament this … Read more

Mother Misery – From Shadow To Ghost – Album Review

2023-12-14 07:00:45 Mother Misery – From Shadow To GhostOrigin: Enköping / SwedenRelease: 15.12.2023Label: Doc Gator RecordsDuration: 45:17Genre: Melodic Metal / Melodic Hard Rock Foto Credit: Mother Misery Mother Misery On their fifth album they present us with a great album that lies somewhere in between melodic metal and hard alternative rock. This breadth creates a … Read more

Bad Touch: A Mature, Lively Record with Influences from Modern Classics

2023-11-30 23:00:30 From the first song it’s clear that BAD TOUCH haven’t lost any of their bite. The influences of modern classics like the BLACK CROWS are noticeable. Nevertheless, the record sounds more mature, even if the sound is just as lively as in previous albums. The first few seconds of “Slip Away” make you … Read more

High Spirits – Safe On The Other Side – Album Review

2023-11-23 07:00:47 High Spirits – Safe On The Other SideOrigin: Chicago / USARelease: 24.11.2023Label: High Roller RecordsDuration: 40:52Genre: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal From the first notes of Safe On The Other Side It is clear to the listener that nothing is stylistically different High Spirit has changed. But why should the course be changed … Read more

Ritual King – The Infinite Mirror

2023-11-15 08:00:15 (c) Ritual King Publish a few days before the first lockdown Ritual King their first album – a strange and rousing batch of stoner psych that caught fire immediately and was forced to play behind closed doors. However, the trio, which emerged from Manchester’s underground musical scene, was not at all impressed by … Read more

Green Lung – This Heathen Land – Album Review

2023-11-17 07:00:00 Green Lung – This Heathen LandOrigin: London / UKRelease: 03.11.2023Label: Nuclear Blast RecordsDuration: 42:19Genre: Hard Rock / Retro Rock Foto Credit: Andy Ford I’m still a little surprised by the rapid and steady rise of Green Lung. The reason is that, despite all the diversity, I don’t actually consider their music to be … Read more

Exploring Funeral Doom: Bands and Projects in the USA

2023-10-25 22:01:47 Intro Funeral Doom is endlessly sad slowness, desperate whimpers from a rugged chasm that is rushed through by whistling winds, the deep nothingness of the desert, of space, of the deep sea and always of the human soul. Funeral Doom is gloom, nihilism, death. Funeral Doom is wonderful music! On our trip around … Read more