Green Lung – This Heathen Land – Album Review

2023-11-17 07:00:00

Green Lung – This Heathen Land
London / UK
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Hard Rock / Retro Rock

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I’m still a little surprised by the rapid and steady rise of Green Lung. The reason is that, despite all the diversity, I don’t actually consider their music to be mass-compatible for the normal headbanger.

Still have Green Lung since their first EP Free The Witch can transform the local island and international audience into an enthusiastic following. Both with the first full album Woodland Rites as well as the following Black Harvest From 2021, the English received only positive feedback. All experience and success culminated in the album this November This Heathen Land and a related deal with Nuclear Blast Records.

Between retro, doom and occult rock

It is the quality delivered and the range that determine it Green Lung gained this popularity. By crossing genres in an effortlessly easy way, the English combine elements of stoner, occult and retro rock. In addition, there is the setting of unique selling points. The guitar work and the sometimes nerdy and quirky keyboard passages also characterize the new one This Heathen Land. It is also the voice of the frontman Tom Templar, which ensures a high level of recognition. His voice is somewhere between Nate Tyson from the band Spellbook and old masters Ozzy Osbourne is located.

The start of the album is quick and rocking. After a short intro the band starts The Forest Church. The retro organ sounds are immediately noticeable, giving the sound something old but also distinctive. The choirs in the chorus and the perfectly fitting riffs give the song the finishing touch. There’s one more step on top Mountain Throne. The sound of a flute is hidden between the fat guitar riffs, sprinkling in folk elements.

Far from our present time

Lyrically moving This Heathen Land away from our today’s fast-moving problems. The content radiates a kind of rural calm and grounds us. They tell us old, occult stories about natural events and the mystical influences of animals, especially birds, on the fate of people. Nevertheless, we’ll start with the occult rock number Maxine (Witch Queen) further, which ones you HERE can listen. The song is almost danceable and quickly burrows into your ear canal. Here too, the tones of the retro organ cannot be ignored, but are also indispensable in the musical context.

The album then takes a turning point from the fast-paced and easily digestible to the dark and contemplative. A heavy riff combined with chimes wakes you up One for Sorrow instant memories Black Sabbath. But Green Lung They don’t copy, they create themselves. That’s why her compositions captivate and beguile through and through. One for Sorrow is guitar-dominated and creates thick goosebumps with its depth and occult lyrics. You can do the best song on the album for me HERE listen.

Through the oceans of time

There is almost folk rock in the delicate and contemplative style Song of the Stones before at The Ancient Ways a little more dynamism is resumed. The final round involves hopping forward from one foot to the other Hunters in the Sky. The guitar work is incredible and the organ also announces its claim and hunts in between.

As is usual in the industry, the longest track comes at the end. A minute builds Oceans of Time before it develops its energy. An urgent rhythm section, polyphonic singing and an incredible one Scott Black on the guitar increase and condense the song until its atmospheric conclusion.

Green Lung have increased again. The musical breadth and the thoughtfulness of the content This Heathen Land make it easy to follow the band’s stories. The production is no longer as bold as its predecessor, but rather precise and perfectly balanced. Finest English work 9 / 10

Line Up
Tom Templar – Life
Scott Black – Guitar
Joseph Ghast – Bass
John Wright – Keyboards
Matt Wiseman – drums

01. Prologue
02. The Forest Church
03. Mountain Throne
04. Maxine (Witch Queen)
05. One for Sorrow
06. Song of the Stones
07. The Ancient Ways
08. Hunters in the Sky
09. Oceans of Time

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