High Spirits – Safe On The Other Side – Album Review

2023-11-23 07:00:47

High Spirits – Safe On The Other Side
Origin: Chicago / USA
Release: 24.11.2023
Label: High Roller Records
Duration: 40:52
Genre: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal

From the first notes of Safe On The Other Side It is clear to the listener that nothing is stylistically different High Spirit has changed. But why should the course be changed because the predecessor Hard to Stop from 2020 was an all-round successful album.

Also on the fifth album the maker Chris Black Didn’t rely on a regular musician, but single-handedly conjured up ten new numbers from his sleeve. He only trusted the sound engineer when it came to sound Dan Swanöwhich has already proven itself well on the previous album.

From fast to soulful

Chris Black always manages to deliver consistent quality. The bridge to the previous album is built very quickly, especially since some new pieces are said to come from the compositional phase of the predecessor. That’s why this album will delight everyone who likes the typical style of High Spirit like and leave those who are looking for change and hardship cold. In terms of genre, you can choose because of the lightness and richness of melodies Safe On The Other Side Don’t immediately commit to pure heavy metal.

High Spirit offers much more than just driving guitars. There are quick pieces, like the great one One Day Closer or the opener In The Moonlightthat man HERE can listen. But everything is packaged in such a way that even friends of sophisticated AOR or simply good rock music feel at home. There is also a lot of feeling set to music in the further course of the album, in the heart-pain ballad Please Don’t Leave Me Behind reaches its emotional climax.

Brilliant or just 1980s?

Additionally stimulating the listener and exuding lightness are the “Ohoho” choirs that appear again and again, from the opener to the finale Good Night happen. The listeners there will certainly disagree as to whether it seems something like the 1980s or whether it just puts you in a good mood when listening to it.

Despite that of the solo artist behind High Spirit delivers an impressive and broad instrumental performance, I still believe that much more could be achieved from the compositions and ideas if the do-it-yourself machine Chris Black would give up the singing to a more charismatic voice. A little more strength in the singing and a rougher voice would bring even more feeling out of the numbers. But the album turned out the way the artist himself wanted to realize it. This makes sounds Safe On The Other Side Open to genres, easy to digest and especially in the second and quieter part, it constantly gains value after repeated listening.

A well-rounded publication

Finally you have to say congratulations, then the release of High Spirit is not just any, but the thousandth publication of High Roller Records. One can only wish the label that the vinyl versions and the CD sell as quickly as possible so that there is room for the next thousand releases!

Again has Chris Black alias High Spirit He did everything single-handedly and stayed true to his line. The band’s fans can access it unseen and everyone else interested in music can Safe On The Other Side only warmly recommend it. 8 / 10

Line Up
Chris Black – vocals, all instruments

01. In the Moonlight
02. Til the End of Time
03. Lonely Nights
04. One Day Closer
05. Anything You Need
06. (There Will Be) Magic Tonight
07. Loving You
08. Please Don’t Leave Me Behind
09. Memories
10. Good Night

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