Beyond This Earth – Portraits Of The Absurd – Album Review

2023-12-12 07:00:49 Beyond This Earth – Portraits Of The AbsurdOrigin: Livadia / GreeceRelease: 01.12.2023Label: Self-publishingDuration: 53:47Genre: Heavy Rock / Stoner Rock The Greek ones Beyond This Earth were founded over ten years ago and are joining us Portraits Of The Absurd their second studio album. The current release is the pretty raw EP Tales from … Read more

Wet Cactus – Magma Tres

2023-11-22 08:00:46 (c) Dario Rey People know and love people on the Iberian Peninsula Wet Cactus as an independent and idiosyncratic stoner band that combines twisted psych elements with solid rock. The band from the Spanish north coast, founded ten years ago, had already released two albums before the involuntary global break followed. “Magma Three” … Read more

Ritual King – The Infinite Mirror

2023-11-15 08:00:15 (c) Ritual King Publish a few days before the first lockdown Ritual King their first album – a strange and rousing batch of stoner psych that caught fire immediately and was forced to play behind closed doors. However, the trio, which emerged from Manchester’s underground musical scene, was not at all impressed by … Read more

Appalooza – The Shining Son

2023-10-15 07:00:03 (c) Cyrille Bellec Photographer Three petrified storytellers from France get back on the saddle: “The Holy Of Holies” was written for Appalooza not only marked Ripple’s strong debut, but also opened the door to their first US tour. Now it is the conceptual continuation, which continues the narrative thread around the main character … Read more

Morag Tong – Grieve

2023-10-04 07:00:49 (c) Felix Bartlett Attention, insider tip: Met with their first EP and their first album Morag Tong not just the nerve of the London underground. Their powerful stoner rock sound, which flirts with doom, sludge and psych among other things, combines heavyness with atmosphere, pleasantly unpredictable and massive, and also characterized by a … Read more

Moon Coven – Sun King

2023-08-21 07:00:34 (c) Moon Coven For Moon Coven After three Stoner Doom albums, it was time for a change. In addition to personnel changes, the band from Malmö prepared to dare something new musically. Although the basic framework remains, much more psychedelic sounds now literally take over the proverbial reins. Latent madness and expansive soundscapes … Read more