Mother Misery – From Shadow To Ghost – Album Review

2023-12-14 07:00:45

Mother Misery – From Shadow To Ghost
Origin: Enköping / Sweden
Release: 15.12.2023
Label: Doc Gator Records
Duration: 45:17
Genre: Melodic Metal / Melodic Hard Rock

Foto Credit: Mother Misery

Mother Misery On their fifth album they present us with a great album that lies somewhere in between melodic metal and hard alternative rock. This breadth creates a wealth of variety among the ten compositions, even though the band almost always delivers fast-paced compositions.

From the first sound of From Shadow To Ghost if you take the detailed and to the point supportive production. This allows the listener to enjoy the sound as a whole or to easily follow individual instruments. A best example of this is Saint Sinnerwhich depicts the vocals and guitars in just as much detail as the differentiated, but still mega-fat bass.

Drama – without heartbreak

Ab the Opener Not Halo things move forward quickly and danceably. The Swedes sometimes surprise with a short blast beat passage, like the wonderful one The Phoenix can be heard in the middle section. The song quickly became a favorite and can HERE can be listened to as a representative of the album.

Songs like the epic and dramatic opening one offer the counterpoint to the forward-moving pieces Reveal Them. But there is no heartbreak number because Mother Misery repeatedly switch cleverly to feed. Another example of diversity is the song We Live, We Die. The track starts with delicate piano sounds, but doesn’t turn into a ballad, instead letting the riffs and muscles flex as it progresses.

There is a lot to discover

Mother Misery cleverly place melancholic and epic melodies like this between the powerful pieces Someone Else or the light and danceable Don’t Be The Broken. This all loosens up From Shadow To Ghost and offers new aspects to discover with every new listen.

The musical drama of some pieces fits the content and is supported by the lyrics. The Swedes dedicate their lyrics to our daily problems. This ranges from interpersonal relationships to worried thoughts about the future of our world. Everything on the album fits, from the opening track to the last track that sums everything up Into The Unknownwhich offers everything from piano sounds to the fat, driving riff.

The album From Shadow To Ghost should actually only appear digitally in 2023. Thanks to Doc Gator Records You can still get the album under your Christmas tree on vinyl in different colors just in time for the festival this year.

Mother Misery offer the best ear food on their fifth album. The spectrum ranges from fast, powerful riffs and a driving rhythm section to danceable melodies.
From Shadow To Ghost is a tip for the entire Melodic Metal faction. 8,5 / 10

Line Up
John Hermansen – vocals, guitar
Jimmy Lindbergh – drums
Emil Ström – The guitar
Stiff Hell – Bass

01. Not Halo
02. The Phoenix
03. What Can I Say
04. Next Generation
05. Don’t Be The Broken
06. We Live, We Die
07. Reveal Them
08. Saint Sinner
09. Someone Else
10. Into The Unknown

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