Ch. Grozev: Russian hitmen came to Kyiv to kill V. Zelensky even before the invasion

According to Ch. Grozev, people from the Russian military intelligence had come to Kyiv to kill V. Zelensky even before the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to the researcher, there was more than one group of them. People from the GRU entered Ukraine a couple of weeks before the start of the war.

“They were launched through Belarus to be close to Kyiv. Some of them went to Kyiv and were preparing to occupy the city’s political quarter,” he said.

AFP/”Scanpix” photo/Christo Grozevas

According to Ch. Grozev, those people were subordinate to Andrey Averyanov (the GRU general who headed the unit suspected of a series of poisonings and bombings in Europe), there were 30 of them. It was an elite group, says Ch. Grozev. These are the same people who blew up munitions depots in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria, and poisoned fugitive Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Great Britain.

“We traced the connections of several members of this team. It was both scary and funny. It’s scary because we saw what their goals were. And it’s funny, because every day they became less and less patriotic and began to criticize the leadership for a poorly planned operation.

At first, the GRU officers thought they would be in Ukraine for a week, then wrote to their wives: “Well, it will take two weeks. After that, they wrote about a month, six months. Some of them later began to doubt the fidelity of their wives”, Ch. Grozevs taught.

“You could write a novel about how this team, which was supposed to bring victory a week later, became psychological victims of this war,” – notes the researcher.

Some of them, Ch. Grozev says, were killed. In the interview, he did not elaborate on why the Russian-sent bombers failed to complete their mission.

Ch. Grozev claims that the current GRU operations in Ukraine are no longer so daring: “They no longer have such mega goals as killing Zelensky. Apparently, they completely failed to implement this plan.”

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