Chaba Kaew U19: Thai Women’s Football Team Secures Semi-Final Spot with Victory Over Myanmar

2023-07-10 14:28:00

Injuries shot! “Chaba Kaew” Thai women’s national football team Model under 19 years old, beat Myanmar 1-0, hit a ticket to the semi-finals to meet Vietnam national team on July 13

On July 10, 2023 at 7:30 p.m. at Athletic Field, Palembang, Indonesia. ASEAN Football Championship Model not over 19 years old, group stage, Group C, second game, Thai U19 women’s national football team meets Myanmar in the first game, Chaba Kaew U19 wins the Philippines 6-0, and Myanmar wins the Philippines 2-1.

This game, Savin Jaratpranan head coach Send the main characters like Supaporn Intaraprasit, Gina Thongphan, Pitchayathida Manowang to enter the field.

start of the first half Both teams have the opportunity to attack each other. But still not punching each other until the end of the first half is always 0-0

After the second half, Thailand began to invade more and in the 65th minute came to win from the moment Parichat Thongrong fell to the right, but the shot still caught the Myanmar goal.

In the 70th minute, Thailand came to win again from Thawanarat Promtongmee’s long shot, but the ball was only slightly out of frame. The game looked like it would end in a 0-0 draw anyway, but Pichayathida Manowang suffered an injury and tried to sneak a shot and then the Myanmar goal. Receive a splash into the door, causing Chaba Kaew U19 to lead 1-0

The rest of the time, there are no additional goals. Chaba Kaew U19 won Myanmar 1-0, giving Thailand six points. won the group championship, while Myanmar was the runner-up, but the performance was better than North Cambodia and Malaysia, making it through the morning of the semi-finals as well

Thailand women’s national football team Under 19 years old will face Vietnam in the semi-finals. Which will compete at Athletic Field, Palembang, Indonesia on July 13, 2023 at 3:30 p.m. (no live broadcast)

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