Violent School Altercations in Verviers: City Response and Prevention Measures

2023-12-14 15:52:00 On Monday, the heart of Verviers was the scene of a major fight between several young people attending school in the heart of the former wool town. A scene that got people talking on social networks. Around ten young people would be affected by this affair. “We were warned of a fight taking … Read more

High Speed Chase and Traffic Violations in Malmedy-Stavelot Area: Police Report

2023-12-15 07:42:00 December 15, 2023 08:42 | Malmedy – Stavelot – Waimes Police officers, on motorbikes, from the Stavelot-Malmedy area chased a 36-year-old Stavelot driver, at the wheel of an Audi A4, who had tried to escape a check set up on avenue du Pont de Warche, in Malmedy. This happened this Thursday evening, around … Read more

Blue Tuna Scoops Japanese Players Kohei Yanagisawa and Misaki Yamauchi for Strong 2023-24 Season

2023-09-04 18:00:00 Blue Tuna confirmed the signing of the pole from Jetek Stings to strengthen the men’s side. And B, after winning the V.League last season, joins the women’s team in the 2023-24 season. Diamond Food Fine Chef – Air Force A strong team from the Volleyball Thailand League. Announcing the acquisition of two Japanese … Read more

Muay Dee Withi Thai: Weighing Results and Battle Recap – July 30, 2023

2023-07-30 00:45:00 The results of weighing and looking at the torso in battle “Muay Dee Withithai”, the regular meeting on Sunday, July 30, 2023. Pair Ek Phet Uthong, Khwan Mueang District, meets Rotsuek Kiatnawi in coordinates of 136-137 pounds at Jit Mueang Non Boxing Stadium, Or Tor Kor 3, Nonthaburi Province. Start pairing. First time … Read more

Muay Thai 7 Colors: Dieselnoi Liamthanawat vs. Pansak Woronthawee – Complete Fight Recap and Analysis

2023-07-16 12:02:22 Diesel Noi Liamthanawat He knocked his knees and elbowed Pansak Woronthawee in Muay Thai 7 colors, and although Dieselnoi didn’t use much of a weapon in response. But the price has flowed far. At the end of the lift, no price, complete lift, less diesel, has been raised a hand to win. “Suek … Read more

Thai Pipe Battle Kiatphet TKO: Results, Weighing, and Match Pairings – Sunday, July 16, 2023

2023-07-16 02:00:12 The result of weighing and looking at the torso “Suk Tho Nam Thai Kiat Phet TKO” on Sunday, July 16, 2023. Pair Ek Song Phayak Boom Dek Sian meets with Petchpanom Sor. Sacrifice in the coordinates of 111 pounds at Ratchadamnoen Boxing Stadium. The first match is broadcast live from 18.15-20.15. Channel JKN … Read more

List of Athletes from All 8 Teams in the Select People’s Volleyball Tournament 2023 at Sisaket

2023-07-14 14:17:00 List of athletes from all 8 teams in the “Select” People’s Volleyball Tournament 2023 at Sisaket “Select” Volleyball Competition, People Kor Final of Thailand 2023, Win the King Kanitthathiraj Cup Department of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Between 15-20 July 2023 at V Sommai Building, Sisaket Province list of … Read more

Chaba Kaew U19: Thai Women’s Football Team Secures Semi-Final Spot with Victory Over Myanmar

2023-07-10 14:28:00 Injuries shot! “Chaba Kaew” Thai women’s national football team Model under 19 years old, beat Myanmar 1-0, hit a ticket to the semi-finals to meet Vietnam national team on July 13 On July 10, 2023 at 7:30 p.m. at Athletic Field, Palembang, Indonesia. ASEAN Football Championship Model not over 19 years old, group … Read more