Muay Thai 7 Colors: Dieselnoi Liamthanawat vs. Pansak Woronthawee – Complete Fight Recap and Analysis

2023-07-16 12:02:22

Diesel Noi Liamthanawat He knocked his knees and elbowed Pansak Woronthawee in Muay Thai 7 colors, and although Dieselnoi didn’t use much of a weapon in response. But the price has flowed far. At the end of the lift, no price, complete lift, less diesel, has been raised a hand to win.

“Suek Muay Thai 7 Colors” Boxing Stadium Channel 7 Colors on Sunday, July 16, 2023. The main boxing match is a fight between Pansak Wor.Woranathawee and Dieselnoi Liamthanawat. Both are right-handed boxers. Before the fight, set the price for Diesel, a slight advantage, 3-2

In the first round, Pansak was the one who moved towards Diesel Noi, moving backwards to keep the distance. There are some exchanging kicks and cuts. Jia’s legs a little at a time Even if it’s not anything serious, but Little Diesel loses his shape at the end of the round. After all, the price hasn’t moved much, leaning toward Little Diesel.

Round 2 Diesel Noi is the one who moves to find some. But as a way of keeping a distance, be careful with measuring the radius of the weapon. Pansak traps, kicks, kicks, blocks, plus has punches, traps, elbows. Little Diesel still walks slowly into the splice, but can’t do anything. each other hugging each other No weapons were issued until referee Boonpha appeared on stage. Stop and shout to warn each other to fight. Little Diesel moves forward, throws one leg and joins them in a hug. Little Diesel raises his weapon and looks good. But at the end of the call, he lost control, the inner circle was knocked down by Pansak, and the bell was over, and Diesel was 2-1.

In the 3rd round, Pansak was the same side quickly. Dieselnoi stepped back and kicked off Pansak, following 1-2 in the face. Dieselnoi, who was leaning on the rope all the time in this round. Waiting for a trap to hit Pansak’s ribs loudly, 1 cadence, then came to move around Pansak, followed by another 1-2 fist girl. At the end of the lift, Pansak looked more diligent in putting out more weapons, including punches, elbows, shins, less diesel, only punching vertically. receive very little response Can’t do anything together Lift this Pansak more diligent than the price back to squeeze There is only a small price left on the diesel side.

In round 4, Diesel Noi returns to the same side sometimes. Take a leading kick before entering the temple circle. But he was not good at doing anything. Weapons are not very good duels. Pansak turns to intercept and kick The insider hugged under Diesel’s armpit. The past fight games were different. Can’t do anything until the end of the lift, Little Diesel walks close to the circle. Can articulate 3-4 square knees, plus another elbow. Pansak comes down to hug his waist before the referee splits. Pansak comes back and walks in, kicks and punches before the bell rings. Little Diesel moves to 8-1.

In the last round, Ton Yok Dieselnoi walks just one glance, hits Pansak with his knees, has no choice but to fight. When separated, Pansak gets a punch girl, kicks in a strafing manner. Pansak walked towards Pansak, tried to throw a punch, hit the elbow, but was not good at this. It wasn’t as watery as it should have been and although Little Diesel didn’t deploy much in response. But the price has flowed far. The end of the lift is worthless. Completely lifted. Little diesel has been raised.

Vice Principal Phetwiset Phetkiatphet The square stroke is better than Petchkaolan Singmawin to 15-1 when the 3rd round is over, but raises 4-5. Petchkaolan is crushed and hits the knee, gets water, has seen more than complete lifting, Petchkao million turns to win points.

As for the other pairs, North Phet Kila Sport has been running the arena for 2 years and can’t return to the birth. Losing points to Petchniphon Sakchorb., Ikkyu Sang Sor. Sacrifice wins Petchabancha Por Mongkhon In, Keng Chum Phae. .Mueang Chum Phae Phaeng Knockout, round 1, Yodman, S. Ekkaphaphan and the pair ending the program, Mr. Pharanchai Phaeng Knock, round 2, Pornpetch Sor. Ratchaphum

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