Chalakudy ITI Election Victory: SFI and DYFI Activists Clash with Police

2023-12-22 14:06:10

Chalakudy: SFI and DYFI activists smashed the window of a police jeep while celebrating the victory in the ITI elections in Chalakudy. Although the DYFI leader who led the attack was taken into custody by the police during the opposition of the workers, he was brought down under the leadership of the CPM Chalakudy area secretary. DYFI district committee member Nidhi was released by the party members. Due to this, there was a conflict between the police and the CPM workers.

SFI had won the Chalakudy ITI elections. During the joyous demonstration that followed this, the activists smashed the window of the police jeep. Before the elections, the police had removed the flagpoles erected in front of the ITI. This is believed to be the cause of the irritation.

The police attacked the vehicle under the leadership of DYFI leader Nidhi. While the policemen were in the jeep, the activists even climbed on top of the jeep and the footage of the attack was widely circulated.

However, the CPM workers stopped the police who came to arrest Nidhi, which led to the conflict. Following this, the police force took Nidh into custody. It was after this that the CPM workers forcibly released Nidh. Nidhi was released by the CPM team led by Chalakudy area secretary Ashoka.

English Summary:

Victory Turns Violent: SFI Celebrations in Chalakudy Marred by Clashes with Police and Vandalism

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