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From the stage of the 9th Economic Forum of Delphi, the deputy minister to the prime minister, Thanasis Kontogeorgis, made a special reference to the farmers’ compensations.

In particular, the deputy minister in addition to the prime minister referred to the “compulsory business insurance, which has already progressed”, while he pledged that “in the context of agricultural compensation there will be changes to better reflect the losses for the benefit of the agricultural world”.

At the same time, he announced a debate in Parliament on the design of anti-flood projects, water management, “how much the local government participates in this and what goes to the central government”.

Answering questions, Th. Kontogeorgis noted that the reforms promoted by the government are divided into two groups.

Through the first group, the government is trying to ‚Äúsort out the backlogs of the past. Already, these days in the Parliament and until the European elections, we will have 3-4 point reforms, which determine this regularization of the past”.

In detail, these reforms concern Justice, the judicial map, arbitrary construction, the part of transparency in the economic operation, such as the connection with POS, health – “and all these are served by a public administration and a self-administration, which he needs to help.”

Therefore, apart from the “pending issues of the past that we have an obligation to regulate immediately, we also have the new generation of reforms, which respond to modern challenges. I was watching before, a discussion on “climate change and adaptation to it”. We all realize that this leads to a necessary leverage and search for resources in order for the public and private sectors to respond.”

At the same time, another issue that occupied the debate is the demographic one: here, “the government is working on and will shortly present policies that include the concept of reform to support families and, above all, for the greater participation of women in the labor market” . Ultimately, “the basic approach and thinking is that it should not act as a deterrent for a couple of young people to think about starting a family and having a child.” Some policies will have an economic impact, some others that have already started, “have to do with the reconciliation of professional and personal-family life”.

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