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After 49 whole years, Atromitos Patron and Aris Patron will settle their differences again in a single match with the prize of the title of champion.
Then it was a play-off game, now it’s the last match of the play-offs.
In the 1974-75 season, Aris Patrons had finished in first place in the A’ Group of the A’ Division with 24 points and 34-5 goals in 14 games. Atromitos was first in Group B with 22 points and 26-14 goals. Until a few days before the barrage, it was not certain that Aris Patrons would be one of the two finalists!
An agent of the group had been accused of bribery and a specific complaint had even been made to the EPO. In fact, the second Storm was preparing to take his place in the barrage, but the federation acquitted the factor.
So, on April 20, 1975, the two teams met at the Refugee Stadium to settle their differences, in the presence of 3,500 spectators who filled every corner of it with the teams collecting 20,000 drachmas each, a huge amount for the time.
In regular time, the two teams drew 1-1 with goals from Giannakopoulos and Golesis, while extra time ended 2-2 with Karatzas and Moschos scoring.

In the penalty shootout, Aris prevailed 4-3 and participated in matches for promotion to the Second National League.
Forms in the management of the two teams at the time were Kostas Golonis, Andreas Kanistras from Atromitos and Giorgos Tsopanidis, Mimis Vakaloglou (recently passed away) from Ari.
We read from the report of the “Peloponnisos” newspaper:
“The trust of the opponents in our top referee, Mr. Kollyropoulos, who was indeed infallible, excellent, contributed to the smooth running of the match. And not only that, but also his assistant supervisors Mr. Manis and Malagoniaris. The finale was next. He found the Martians celebrating, doing victory laps and offering their jerseys to Club fans.
The people of Atromitos wept and led many to tears. It was not possible for them to believe how they lost the great victory, the title, the second national team, which was a hidden but huge dream of the populous area of ​​Zaruhleiki. How labors and sacrifices were destroyed in the misfortune of a penalty.
The three new match balls were offered by the industrialist, excellent sports fan and Municipal Councillor, Mr. Nick. Lainiotis. At the end of the meeting, the president of EPS Patrons, Mr. Ioannis Skurtas, presented the champion Ari with the Cup and the gold medals for his players.
About 3,500 spectators watched the above big match at the Patrai stadium the day before yesterday with great interest and special anxiety. They cut 2,065 tickets and the opponents collected a net of 20,000 drachmas.”
ARIS PATRON: Drakopoulos, Pachnis (94′ Karapanos), Moschos, S. Ioannidis, Kasionis, Kaouris, Kantartzopoulos (91′ Charatzidis), Golesis, Khotzogiannis, Arg. Ioannidis, Mavris.
FEARLESS PATRON: Koutsofoteinos Economou, Tsatsaris, Vezakis, Streklas, Karatzas, Zentelis (78′ Bourlesis), Markatos, Katsonis (119′ Koutsofoteinos II), Giannakopoulos, Samaras.

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