Chapter 87 of I Dedicate You June 14

After they attacked La Mona (Valerie Domínguez) and seriously injured The Chirris (Caterin Escobar) outside a bar in I dedicateManuela (Juliana Velasquez) is ordered not to move from where she is, even though she didn’t even want to answer the phone, but her boyfriend convinced her to answer it.

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The Chirris dies on the way to the hospital even though La Mona he did his best to move her quickly and keep her alive.

La Mona threatens one of the attackers with a gun to try to persuade him to confess who hired him, then argues with Wilson (pipe good) for her reaction and Brenda (Juanita Molina) struggles to sleep because of the noise Mónica makes with Bernardo (Rafael Zea).

Gustavo orders La Mona stay locked up until she leaves the country, but she insists that she has to go to the funeral of The Chirris.

Bernardo confesses his feelings to Mónica and asks her if they are going to get married or have children, she replies that we have to wait for time to pass to be sure. La Mona he promises his daughter that he will find out the truth after the death of The Chirris and Adriana (Diana Holes) asks her friend Luisa to accompany her to a laboratory to take a pregnancy test.

Wilson admits to Libardo that he no longer feels so comfortable with fame and assures the media that the fact that ended the life of The Chirris it was a robbery.

Finally Henry (Andres Suarez) finds out that Adriana could be pregnant and receives the news with concern.

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