Charlotte Gainsbourg: why her life in New York away from Yvan Attal is complicated

In 2013, following the half-sister Kate Barry diesCharlotte Gainsbourg has chosen to leave France to live in New York. However, even the couple she forms with Yvan Attal remains unitedthe latter often find themselves separated: she in New York where their three childrens continue their studies and he often in Paris where he develops his various artistic projects as an actor but also a director.

A situation that sometimes weighs on Charlotte Gainsbourg. “In practice, it’s complicated! Because Yvan mainly works in France. Me, I can manage – as an actress, a film generally lasts two months, and not in a row, and then the music is doable anywhere. I really like being able to enjoy Paris when I go back, but after being able to escape. I was already isolated in Paris, it’s part of my character, but I think I like being even more isolated. And also weirdly not being at my house, being able to watch people living in their homes,” thus entrusted Jane Birkin’s daughter at Marie Claire.

Yvan Attal had also confided in this subject in June 2018 on the show Tea or coffee on France 2.”This year, with the theatre, it was very special. I lived and still live for some time alone in the apartment which is less cheerful than when all my children are there,” he then lamented. The latter also hoped at the time, that this situation would not last more than “two years”, the time that their daughter Alice spends the equivalent of the baccalaureate. Home is still Paris, don’t mess around,” he also confided… To hear Charlotte Gainsbourg talk about her desire for isolation, it is not certain that she is of the same opinion.

Photo credits: Denis Guignebourg / Bestimage

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