Check now 8 symptoms “Omicron” found 3 main symptoms found in Thailand. Not strong but not sparrow

Update on covid symptoms “Omicron” or “Omicron” Dr. Apisamai Srirangsan, Assistant Spokesperson for the Situation Administration CenterCovid-19 or Prof. disclosed symptoms of the 2019 novel coronavirus infection. “Omicron” In Thailand, there are 41 cases, of which 8 are the most common.

  • Cough 54%
  • Sore throat 37%
  • Fever 29 %
  • Muscular pain 15%
  • 12% mucus
  • headache 10%
  • Difficulty breathing 5%
  • The smell was reduced by only 2%.
  • and found that 48% had no symptoms.

while new information individual symptoms “Omicron” It is information from Dr. John Campbell, a doctor from England, said the symptoms had changed completely, with no apparent fever. and seldom found a loss of smell and taste. The main symptoms found are as follows:

  • 65% headache
  • Fatigue 65% ranging from little to unable to get up
  • Runny nose 65%
  • Sore throat 57%
  • sneezing 55%

which can be seen that strain of covid infection “Omicron” that is an infection from the upper respiratory tract will not look into the lungs make it difficult that we may find infected with this species come and dine with us in the same working place as us It makes us need to be careful. by the Ministry of Health Emphasize on wearing 2 layers of masks, still able to protect effectively

Dr. Somsak Ankasilp, Director-Generalmedical department Mention the symptoms of a patient infected with COVID-19 “Omicron species” from the information gathered both abroad and in the country now Initially, the symptoms were not different from the symptoms of COVID-19. Most of the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections were fever, sore throat and dry cough. The intensity is not as strong as the Delta. Many countries say Fairly less severe than Delta Found some people with pneumonia, but not many. For treatment in Thailand, anti-inflammatory drugs.
virus “Favipiravir” (Favipiravir) within 3 days (24-72 hours) found that the patient’s symptoms improved. and healed

On the side of Dr. Chakrarat Pittayawong Anon Director of the Division of Epidemiology Department of Disease Control Enter current information for sickness “Omicron” From the latest 53,709 data, it was found that only 3 main symptoms were found as follows:

  • Asymptomatic 53.1%
  • 46.9% had symptoms, most of them had a sore throat and cough.
  • low-grade fever

Which are the 3 main symptoms that are encountered now. If they are at risk 608, they may become severe. The infection can get into the lungs, so notice the first symptoms. If it’s been in the rain, you have a sore throat, cough, check it out. ATK Immediately, and most importantly, should be fully vaccinated. will reduce the severity of “Omicron” can

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