Check Your IVSS Individual Account and Benefits Online

2023-06-25 10:08:03

In the individual account of the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security (IVSS), the affiliate’s data is also reflected, the accumulated salaries and the contributions registered during his career. In the same way, those times without developing any occupational activity are considered.

On the other hand, Venezuelans have this right, guaranteed by the IVVS, in which a series of benefits are granted, in order to reward and value the work carried out for years.

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In this sense, the individual account is a procedure issued by the IVSS. Now, how can I check my individual account? Online, the beneficiary can view their current status, which reflects the total number of contributions, if they are active at work, among other services.

Here is an easy guide with simple steps:

-Enter the IVSS official page

-Go to the section “Consultations” and select “Individual Account”

-Then, the system will request your personal data (nationality, ID number, date of birth). Then select the option “Continue”.

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It is important to verify the data entered into the system. Finally, if you deserve the individual account you can click to print.

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