Chen Meiling announces her promotion to grandma: the birth of her granddaughter (13:22) – 20230205 – SHOWBIZ

Article date: February 05, 2023

Chen Meiling’s eldest son, Jin Ziping, married his Taiwanese-American wife Zhuang Wenruo in 2018, and there was good news of her pregnancy last year. Chen Meiling flew to the United States at the end of last month to witness the birth of her granddaughter. She recently (3rd) shared a photo of girl B on social platforms, announcing that she has finally become a grandma! Chen Meiling said: “The little granddaughter was born healthy and healthy! I am so grateful! I am so happy for my son! I hope he can enjoy the joy of raising children and take on the heavy responsibility of being a father! I will support my son, but young people must personally experience the process of raising children. Only then can I truly become a parent. I believe my son is ready, so I am not worried. Congratulations to the new parents! I love my little granddaughter so much!”

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