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Wang Bisheng, the commander of the Central Epidemic Command Center, said that “the purchase of BNT next-generation vaccine has not been ruled out from the beginning to the end. This is a part of the future vaccine plan.” Huang Guangqin, a senior media person, pointed out on Facebook today (23) that Wang Bisheng He went in the wrong direction to find Shanghai Fosun. It can be seen that Chen Shizhong did not hand it over clearly at the time, and said, “Chen Shizhong came here drunk in the past, and the Ministry of Health and Welfare is now going in a daze!”

Huang Guangqin revealed that on December 18 last year, the night before Taiwan held the 4 major referendums, Chen Shizhong, then Minister of Health and Welfare, gave a speech in Taoyuan. The 30 million doses of vaccines verbally reserved by the founder of Yongling to the original BNT factory were handed over to him in a hurry. Two BNT executives were locked up in the Marriott Hotel for epidemic prevention in Dazhi for 3 days and were about to return home, but they did not see Chen Shizhong for a long time. silhouette. The procurement of vaccines must be ordered at least 6 months in advance, and 30 million doses must be reserved in case they are not available when needed. This is only good for Taiwan, not bad.

Huang Guangqin revealed that Mayor Zheng Wencan came forward to find someone, and also reported to President Xiaoying, and finally found Chen, but he was already drunk when he appeared.

Huang Guangqin bluntly said that the subsequent development was that the 30 million doses handed over last year were finally lost. After Xue Ruiyuan came to power, he didn’t know anything. Before Wang Bisheng announced that he would not rule out the purchase of the BNT next-generation vaccine, the line was cut off long ago, and he offended people later.

Chen Shizhong issued a 6 o’clock statement today to restore the current situation, saying that there was no “handover ceremony” at that time, and it was impossible to make a promise immediately. Due to the temporary invitation, he had to arrange this meeting after all the schedules were over, that is, around 9 o’clock in the evening. It’s been a while. He appealed to everyone to carefully identify the authenticity. The media person pieced together the story, saying that on the night before December 18 last year, there was a “handover ceremony” for 30 million doses of vaccines. There is a huge discrepancy between the content and the truth.

Huang Guangqin once again tweeted about Chen Shizhong on Facebook, “Are you drunk first? Don’t talk about other official words”, and announced that “Series 2” will continue tomorrow, please take the call again.

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