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The Hunan Opera “Road to Loyalty” appeared at the 13th China Arts Festival.

Huasheng Online, August 25th (correspondent Peng Juan, reporter Liu Sijia) “All the way, blood spilled on the Xiangjiang River; a hero with a heartless body; a passionate blood, admired by a hundred generations; a sad song, sung by thousands of people.” August 24 Until the 25th, as a repertoire of the 13th China Arts Festival, the original Hunan drama “Road of Loyalty”, a major revolutionary historical theme created by Hunan Opera House, will be performed in two consecutive performances at Tianjin Binhai Performing Arts Center, and will participate in the seventeenth competition. Wenhua Award.

“Road to Loyalty” was created by Sheng Heyu, a national first-class screenwriter, and Zhang Manjun, a national first-class director. Historical events are the line, telling the heroic deeds of Hunan hero Chen Shuxiang’s “heartbroken ambition”, the starting point is unique and ingenious, and the macro era is mapped with a micro-section, and the grand and ordinary, epic and human nature, party history knowledge and character stories are perfectly integrated.

The play is magnificent in style, heavy in subject matter, and complicated in events. It precisely focuses and condenses many important party history events in the limited stage space, showing a picture scroll with the appeal of the times, making people feel as if they are in the arduousness of the play. years of fighting.

The stage presentation is carried out with a symbolic subject image, using the generalization technique of freehand brushwork, using the combination of large ink brushstrokes and local details, to highlight the spiritual power of the play. The music is mainly composed of Hunan Opera songs, combined with some elements of folk songs and Western music. It has both a sense of history and a sense of fashion. Projection is chosen for the multimedia, which is displayed through large dynamic brushstrokes, adding a mysterious and modern atmosphere to the historical materials, seamlessly connecting with the costumes and choreography, forming a group sculpture on the stage.

The performance scene (pictures are all taken by Tang Xia)

At the performance site, the curtain was slowly opened, and the layout and background with a sense of the times drew the audience into that volatile era at once. Hunan Opera actors perform with heart and emotion, and the heroic and fearless feats of revolutionary ancestors are all moving.

“The creation and arrangement of “The Road of Loyalty” is the first time that we have moved the theme of the revolutionary war to the stage of Hunan Opera, in order to express our admiration and remembrance for the revolutionary ancestors.” Completing a work is to receive an important party history study and education.

Director Zhang Manjun believes that the play can even be defined as a historical documentary drama, and its documentary sense is unprecedented. She hopes that the audience can feel the power of faith and the charm of Hunan Opera art, strengthen cultural self-confidence, and enhance the influence and competitiveness of national culture.

(First trial: Wang Yichen Second trial: Jiang Jun Third trial: Shi Wei)

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