Check out the program “Women’s Volleyball” Battle of “AVC Cup 2022” today.

program”women’s volleyball“Battle”AVC Cup 2022” or “AVC CUP 2022” Between 21-29 August 2022 held at Phil Sports Arena, Pasig City, Philippines, first round, final match on Thursday 25 August 2022, check. women’s volleyball program

By starting with the competition”women’s volleyball“Battle”AVC Cup 2022“Group A, in which the scoreboard of this group has changed, which is Vietnam National Team Played 4 matches, won 3, lost 1, won the Philippines 3-0 set, lost 2-3 sets of China, beat Iran 3-0 set and beat South Korea 3-0 set, collecting 10 points, moved up to the 1st place of the table. People’s Republic of China Played 3 matches, won 3 matches in a row, beating South Korea 3-0 set, beating Vietnam 3-2 set and beating the Philippines 3-0 set, collecting 8 points, ranked 3rd Iran national team Played 2 matches, won 1, lost 1, was defeated by South Korea 3-0 sets, lost 0-3 to Vietnam and lost 1-3 sets to the Philippines, collecting 3 points, 4th place Philippines National Team Played 3 matches, won 1, lost 2, losing to Vietnam 0-3 sets, losing 0-3 to China and defeating Iran 3-1 sets, collecting 3 points and ranking 5 South Korea national team not yet won anyone

As for Group B, it is Japan national team Played 2 matches, won 2 matches in a row, winning Thailand 3-0 set and defeating Chinese Taipei 3-0 set, collecting 6 full points, ranks 1st in the group, while 2nd place is Thai national team Played 3 matches, won 2, lost 1, lost to Japan 0-3 set, won Australia 3-0 set and won Chinese Taipei 3-0 set, collected 6 points, with 3rd place being Chinese Taipei Played 3 matches, won 1, lost 2, lost to Japan 0-3 sets, won Australia 3-2 sets and lost to Thailand 0-3 sets, collected 2 points and ranked 4th Australia national team Lost 2 matches in a row, losing to Thailand 0-3 sets and losing to Chinese Taipei 2-3 sets with 1 point

The competition program”women’s volleyball“Battle”AVC Cup 2022” or “AVC CUP 2022The first round for Thursday 25 August 2022 is as follows:

Group B

  • Japan meets Australia at 12.00

Group A

  • China meets Iran at 3 p.m.
  • South Korea meets the Philippines at 6:00 p.m.

which volleyball fans can “watch live” or watch “live” to cheer up athletes “Women’s Volleyball” Follow the news on the PPTV HD36 channel and the website, which has been licensed for the PPTV HD36 competition. Click to watch live here.

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CREDIT PHOTO : AVC – Asian Volleyball Confederation

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