“Chenu Windmill: Expert Trainer’s Tips for Winning Races at Vincennes”

2023-05-30 01:17:06

CHENU WINDMILL (207) will depart from Baptiste Ferchaud Prize, Tuesday, in Vincennes. Here is the opinion of his trainer Christophe-Alain Mallet (By Stéphane Davy) :

“He won a quinté this winter at Vincennes. Since then, he has taken allowances in other quintés. and quality 7-year-olds. You should also know that following a little bloodshed, he was a bit short to present himself at the Croisé-Laroche recently. So I opted for this race under saddle. He has already raced at mounted trot. He had “walked” 1’12’ and fractions that day. He has since practiced in the discipline, recently in Laval. It was good. It is worth coming back to it. Note that ‘he will be barefoot.’

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