Chiara Ferragni Fraud Scandal: The Truth Behind the Pandoro Sale

2024-01-10 02:52:41

Italian influencer star Chiara Ferragni is under investigation for fraud in a charity sale of pandoro, traditional Christmas buns, an accusation she denied on Tuesday citing her “good faith” .

Famous in the world of fashion, the blogger followed by nearly 30 million subscribers on Instagram, is at the heart of a scandal over the sponsorship she granted to a brand of pandoro, a brioche similar to panettone, marketed in November 2022, suggesting that part of the proceeds would be donated to benefit children suffering from bone cancer at the Regina Margherita hospital in Turin (north-west).

Italy’s competition watchdog discovered last month that buyers were in fact being misled. The profit from the sale of this special edition of the Balocco brand pandoro brought in more than a million euros to the companies owned by Chiara Ferragni while the company was limited to making a lump sum donation of 50,000 euros to the hospital.

“I am calm because I have always acted in good faith and I am certain that this will emerge from the ongoing investigations,” Chiara Ferragni said in a statement sent by her lawyer.

In December, the competition watchdog fined two of his companies and Balocco €1.4 million for leading consumers to believe that buying the “pink Christmas Pandora” would contribute to charity. .

In a statement, Balocco said he was “deeply sorry that the initiative was misunderstood by many.” “We will collaborate with the authorities — in whom we have complete confidence — and are confident that our absolute good faith will emerge,” the company said.

«Pandoro Gate»

Since launching a successful fashion blog fifteen years ago, Chiara Ferragni has built a multi-million dollar empire, launching her own brand and forging lucrative partnerships with major brands.

Her success story is recounted in “Unposted”, a documentary on her life as an influencer and entrepreneur which was one of the highlights of the 76th Venice Film Festival in September 2019.

The “Pandoro Gate”, as it was called by the Italian media, which has been making headlines about it for weeks, has damaged the glamorous image of the star.

Daily La Repubblica reported last week that Coca-Cola had dropped a commercial with it that was due to air in January, while eyewear maker Safilo ended a licensing deal in December.

Chiara Ferragni admitted in December in a video posted on Instagram a “communication error”, for having linked a charitable action to a commercial activity, adding that she was going to donate one million euros to the hospital.

She faces another similar investigation according to the media, this time over a charity sale of Easter eggs, which according to the newspaper Il Fatto quotidiano would have brought her 500,000 euros in 2021 and 700,000 euros in 2022, but only 36,000 euros to the children’s charity which was to benefit from it.

Forming one of the most popular couples on social networks with the Italian rapper Fedez, Chiara Ferragni became known in 2009 with her fashion blog entitled “The Blonde Salad”.

She then launched her own shoe collection in 2015, before collaborating with several fashion brands, including Dior and Chanel, and becoming an entrepreneur with, in addition to her blog, commercial activities, including an online store.

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