Child benefit: The grant is extended to female farmers with one and two children – 2024-02-22 09:01:12

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With the aim of supporting the farming mother as well as supporting the income of the farming family, the Ministry of Social Cohesion and Family is expanding the grant of child benefit to female farmers with one or two children.

Already the Program to provide financial assistance to three-child and multi-child farming mothers is paid to the beneficiaries in question, within the framework of the programs financed by the OPECA Rural Household Account.

The allowance is expected to be paid at the end of May.

Specifically one peasant mother with a child is going to receive in her account 300 euros, while mother with two children the amount of 500 euros.

The allowance for peasant women with three children remains at 700 euros and for them large children 1,000 euros the time.

Based on beneficiary participation figures for the 2023 Rural Home Account programs, this extension is expected to benefit approximately 5,000 mothers with one child and 7,000 mothers with two children.

In addition, for the further support of the farming family, the promotion of other measures is being considered.


  • One-time “cash prize – Scholarship” of 1,000 euros for 1,000 successful students of the national exams – indirect members of farming families.
  • If the number of winners exceeds 1000, a lottery will be held.
  • Modernization and increase of compensation for social tourism and health tourism programs of farmers already given. Special provisions will be made for holidays in the areas affected by natural disasters (Thessaly, Evros etc.)
  • Increase of the children of the camp program of the Rural Home account, with special mention to children with a disability of more than 50%.
  • Increase in the book allowance and the possibility of expansion also in stationery, focusing on the first needs at the beginning of the school.

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