Child Injured in Tram Accident: Are Pseudo-Pedestrian Sites Safe?

2023-10-11 17:31:46

A 7-year-old child, who was riding a bicycle on rue Wayez, near the Cureghem stop, in Anderlecht, was hit by a Stib tram (81) this Thursday, around 6:50 p.m. An ambulance and a SMUR were dispatched to the scene to take care of the little victim. “The child would first get back on his bike before, secondly, feeling unwell and returning to the spot. He was taken care of by emergency services and fortunately his life would not be in danger,” indicates Françoise Ledune, spokesperson for the Stib.

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“This is already the second accident between a tram and a person since the inauguration of this pseudo-pedestrian and that raises questions; people do not realize that it is also a clean site for trams, this new development gives a false sense of security to weak users and the trams approach it as if it were only a clean site and not a road shared”, deplores the Brussels MP and Anderlecht municipal councilor, Gaëtan Van Goidsenhoven (MR).

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