China intends to promote innovation in the field of intelligent vehicle driving

2023-10-02 06:38:26

China intends to support smart vehicle manufacturers with the aim of forming groups concerned with promoting innovation, at a time when Beijing is accelerating towards setting standards for assisted driving and autonomous driving by 2025, according to official media.

China, the world’s largest auto market, in July announced a goal of reaching such standards and has made so-called intelligent connected vehicles a long-term strategic focus in its drive to become a global leader in the still-nascent field.

The official Xinhua agency said that China will support companies in forming “innovation consortiums” that will enable them to learn from each other’s strengths in order to achieve technological achievements.

China aims to master the basic technologies of advanced autonomous driving and achieve the goal of running autonomous vehicles on the country’s roads in an attempt to become a leader in this field globally.

But Chinese companies such as Baidu and others face geopolitical challenges, as the United States imposes restrictions on the export of technology, in addition to intense competition from Western companies such as Tesla in developing this technology.

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