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In China, 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities that select local representatives to participate in this year’s Communist Party Congress have all closed by last week. General Secretary Xi Jinping (President of the State) is expected to enter the third term of breaking the convention as the top of the Communist Party.

General Secretary Xi Jinping (President of the State)

Photographer: Justin Chin/Bloomberg

The party conventions have ended in Beijing and Shanghai, which were held late, and the timing of the party convention will be the focus in the future. Given that the local congresses ended at about the same time as before, the party congress is likely to be held in October or November.

The state-owned Xinhua News Agency usually announces a brief schedule after the decision of the Central Political Bureau. The Communist Party has only announced at this time that it will hold a party convention “late” this year.

The end of the local party representative convention Opening day of the party congress Interval (day)
2022 June 30 to be decided
2017 June 29 October 18th 111
2012 July 3rd November 8th 128
2007 June 28 October 15th 109
year 2002 June 16 November 8th 145

One of the people who is attracting attention in the personnel affairs of the next Political Bureau Standing Committee member is Li Qiang, the party committee secretary, who is the top of the city of Shanghai. The party secretary of the city of Shanghai is a post that not only former Prime Minister Zhu Rongji but also Mr. Xi has experienced, and only one person has experienced the post since 1987 and missed the position of the executive committee of the Politburo of the highest leadership.

If Lee couldn’t become a managing member, it could mean that Xi couldn’t be promoted due to the response to the new coronavirus in Shanghai.

Original title:China Regional Congresses Put Xi on Track for Autumn Reshuffle(excerpt)

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