Chinese women’s soccer team arrives in the U.S. to prepare for the Asian Games and the Women’s World Cup – Xinhua

  Original title: Chinese women’s football arrives in the United States for overseas training[preparing for the Asian Games and the Women’s World Cup]

Yesterday, Beijing time, the Chinese women’s football team arrived in San Francisco, USA, and will start a one-month overseas training in preparation for the Asian Games and the Women’s World Cup. It is reported that the team will play 10 warm-up games in the United States. The opponents will be the American Women’s Soccer League and the women’s college football team, and plan to return to China on September 1 to prepare for the Women’s Super League.

The Chinese women’s football team has just won the runner-up in the East Asia Cup, and Wang Linlin has also become the best defender in the tournament. Coach Shui Qingxia expects the tournament to build confidence in the players and allow players who have been injured before to gradually find their form. It is worth mentioning that Zhang Linyan and Tang Jiali did not travel to the United States with the team. Zhang Linyan, who has just joined the Grasshopper Women’s Football Team, returned to China to go through the procedures for studying abroad in Switzerland. The Swiss Women’s Super League will start on August 20. Tang Jiali has confirmed her transfer to CFF Club in Madrid, Spain after her loan from Tottenham expired, becoming the first Chinese player to land in the Spanish Women’s League. It is said that Tang Jiali’s idol is Messi. She longed to play in Spain before, and she also deliberately learned Spanish. This time, her wish was fulfilled, and Messi even blessed her through a video. In the video, Messi said hello to Tang Jiali, thanked her for her support, congratulated her on her achievements through hard work, and sent her autographed sneakers to wish her all the best. Tang Jiali thanked Messi very excitedly, calling it a great inspiration, saying that she would work hard to play football and try to go to the Qatar World Cup to watch Messi play. (All media reporter Zhou Wanqi)

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