“Doctor Theerawat” reveals 5 important issues of “smallpox” 2022

On 29 July 65, Dr. Thirawat Hemajutha, Director of the Emerging Disease Health Sciences Center Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Post a message on his personal Facebook page “Theerawat Hemajuta Thiravat Hemachudha” states that …

Key Takeaways of Smallpox Monkey 2022

1-Prevent the spread And not every medication is required. because it can heal itself

2- Get to know your partner, your partner, your partner

3-Difficulty of diagnosis.

rash, blisters, lesions on the skin, in the genitals, anus, and

mucosa, anal cavity, tongue, oral cavity, anus

(anogenital oropharynx tongue)

which indicates the installation channel

And the virus can spread to the face, hands, later or not.

3- The advantage is that the symptoms are unwell, brought before, with or without fever, with symptoms of fatigue, lethargy, exhaustion, aches, headaches.

in which there will be contact only when symptoms begin by spreading through saliva droplets while in close contact Even if there is no rash, which when there is, it is another channel of spreading. when touching the wound

4- Close contact It is an effective communication channel, especially during sex.

However, although virus DNA can be found in semen, urine, and blood, it cannot be confirmed whether it is a contagious form of the virus.

different from the water at the blister or pus at the wound that has not yet scabbed or saliva droplets which can be contacted

5- Spreading to family in the same house Still quite difficult

more difficult than covid It is important to enlighten the symptoms, routes of addiction, and to remain vigilant, and not just for same-sex or bisexual people.

(Excerpted from a July 21 report in the New England Journal.

528 infections were reported between April 27 and June 24 in 16 countries.)

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