Chinese women’s volleyball team wears masks to compete in Asian Cup, sparks public outcry – BBC News

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In the 2022 Women’s Volleyball Asian Cup group match between China and Iran, the women’s volleyball players wore masks in the first game

The Chinese women’s volleyball team wore an N95 mask in the 2022 Women’s Volleyball Asian Cup group match against Iran on August 25, which aroused the focus of international public opinion and also caused a public storm in China.

Many Chinese netizens expressed their anger, believing it was a “zero policy” for the new crown at the expense of players’ health. Some netizens even accused that this was the result of China’s extreme epidemic prevention measures, which made athletes “disgraceful and thrown abroad”.

In the game, Chinese women’s volleyball players wearing masks lost in the first game to the Iranian team. In the second game, the Chinese players took off their masks, and they defeated their opponents in straight sets and entered the quarter-finals with the first place in the group.

The Chinese women’s volleyball team has always been among the strongest teams in the world and has won the world championship for many times. In 2022, the Chinese women’s volleyball team will be ranked fourth in the world, after the United States, Brazil and Italy. The Iranian women’s volleyball team did not enter the top 20 in the world.

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