Chiquinquirá Delgado: Exercises and Nutrition Tips for a Lean and Toned Body

2023-06-15 00:15:58

By Elvis González / @gabriel_elvis96

As an active public figure, the Venezuelan presenter Chiquinquirá Delgado performs multiple routines of exercises and nutrition to keep your body lean, toned and firm at his 50 years of age.

The Venezuelan couple of the renowned journalist jorge ramossteals all eyes at events and red carpets, always with very tight dresses to enhance her great figure considered by many as an hourglass.

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Miss Zulia 1991 recently confessed that one of the parts of her body that she cares the most for is her glutes, with strong routines like squats with jumps in between, three to four times a week, the results are very clear for all to see.

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Lunges and some exercises on the cable machine, They have turned out wonderfully and today they make her one of the Latin American presenters with better figure, beauty and dressed.

Although the Zulian woman is passionate about television and now a creator of content for her social networks, the exercise is a main part of staying up in a world as competitive as television.

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