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Chivas could look for Alejandro Viniegra

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Las Chivas They are looking for a center forward. After the drop of Jose Juan Maciasthe Sacred Flock has not been able to find an attacker who can take the place of scorer, who fights for the title of said item in the BBVA MX League.

With the addition of Santiago Ormenowho has dual nationality, that of our country and that of Peru, the doors were opened for more soccer players to reach the Guadalajara team. There are even several Mexican-Americans, such as Michael Ponce o Isaac Brizuelathose who are already active in the club, without much media noise.

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Now, the door is opened for a new attacker, from which Chivas could take over his services, it is about Alexander Vinegra. The 20-year-old was born in Brazilbut his father is Mexican, so the soccer player has dual nationality.

Even the attacker has already been called with the Mexican National Team U-20but he has not made the decision of which would be the national group that he wants to represent in case of being called to the Major, either from the Cariocas or from ours.

Where does Alejandro Viniegra play?

The striker is currently in the Red Bull Bragantino of his native Brazil. He arrived at the club in January 2022, after spending just under a year in the United States with the North Texas Soccer Club of the second division, of football in the country of the stars and stripes.

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It will be a matter of time to find out if at some point it could enter the Chivas of Richard ChainFor the moment, a possible departure of Alexis Vega, after the 2022 Qatar World Cup, would open the door for the young attacker, in search of someone who can add more to the Sacred Flock.

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