Christian Cueva why he complicated his arrival at Alianza Lima VIDEO after this announcement from Pachuca and closing of the trcm pass book | SPORTS

The situation of seems to get complicated when there are a few days left before the closure of the ‘Book of passes’ and being registered by in the Liga 1. He Blanquiazu FundHe made a position known after .

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Armando Martinez President of the Mexican team commented on the situation of the debt with the Brazilian team, after the ruling THAT that ratified the sanction of the FIFA Over the 4.7 million dollars of the “solidarity” indemnity that will be paid with the popular “Aladdin’.

Our lawyers are the ones who see that situation. I can’t say anything, because the administrative and legal area of ​​the club sees it directly. I understand that they are negotiating with the club and with the player Christian Cueva”, he said in dialogue for ‘El Comercio’.

Alianza Lima and the situation of Christian Cueva (video: GOLPERU)

Pachuca on the Christian Cueva case: “We are not at fault”

Likewise, the manager confirmed that the club did not persuade the driver of the Peruvian team to harm Santos FC. “We are not at fault, because we did everything in good faith. The medium knows that our institution always adheres to the principles, to the laws. This should not change our image”, he expressed.

The Mexicans agreed to sign Christian Cueva in February 2020, knowing that he had left Santos FC arguing a delay in his payments and assumed a risk, asking FIFA for permission to hire him.

What did Fondo Blanquiazul say about Christian Cueva?

Today, from Matute this news has been a bucket of cold water, since the Victorian cadre expected to see this issue resolved before March 8, the date on which the book of passes in the Liga1.

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The reality is that they have been talking with Christian (Cueva). The intention of the club has been to reach an agreement, but so far there is nothingcommented Remigio Bermúdez, a member of the Blue and White Fund for ‘All Voices of Football’.


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