Barranquilla medical student wounded by a guacherna bullet

In the Reina Catalina Clinic of Barranquilla remains the young medical student Hernán Darío Rodríguez Urrea, of 18 years, who received a bullet impact to the head in the early hours of February 11, in the middle of a police procedure on 84th Street with Carrera 44 that took place after the night of Guacherna.

His aunt Diana Leal spoke about his nephew’s recovery process: “Hernán, thank God, already left the ICU two days ago, his improvement has been satisfactory, and he is already on the floor,” told El Heraldo

Likewise, he indicated that the young man is conscious, but under strict medical care. “He still does not speak, he is in physical and speech therapy. We understand that it is a slow process. held the woman.

This is the case of the young medical student injured in Guacherna

In view of the case, according to what was stated by the young man’s family member, the Military Criminal Justice The respective investigations are being carried out, and the uniformed officer who would have activated the staff weapon is facing a disciplinary process.

For his part, he General Jorge Urquijo, Commander of the Metropolitan Police, He stated that there was an open investigation from the moment the situation occurred and added that he was waiting for the medical evolution of the injured young man.

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Las uniformed crew weaponsThose involved in the events will be examined in ballistics to determine if the young man was seriously injured in the head with this ammunition.

Witnesses say it was one of the uniformed men who fired his endowment weapon, when the young Hernán was outside the range of the facts. The Prosecutor’s Office required the firearms of 16 police officers attached to the north station to submit them to ballistics tests.

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