Christiane Endler makes harsh self-criticism and reviews José Letelier

Christiane Endler, captain of the women’s La Roja, analyzed the Copa América with harsh self-criticism and reviewed the work of coach José Letelier.

Christiane Endlergoalkeeper and captain of the female redmade a harsh self-criticism and pointed to the work of the leadership and coaching staff of the National Team for fifth place in the America Cup.

Chile beat Venezuela on penalties this Sundayscratching a place in the Repechage for the 2023 Australia-New Zealand World Cup, and being very far from revalidating his runner-up position in the 2018 edition in the continental competition.

The first thing that ‘Tiane’ answered to the microphone of Channel 13 was for the continuity of the criticized technician Joseph Letelierto whom he did not lend much support.

“I don’t know, that will have to be seen by the ANFP. They will evaluate the results and processes. It is their decision and we have to evaluate ourselves and see if we continue in this or not. Now to celebrate the end of a long process and more than anything that the compañeras left everything and fought until the end to stay alive, ”said the Lyon de France goalkeeper.

“I am angry, because we should not have come here. As a team we deserved more and we should have reached higher. We are lucky to have this new possibility, we have to take it with the seriousness that is needed”, added the goalkeeper.

Along the same lines, Endler stressed that “I am not satisfied. We want to be higher, fight for the top positions, be in the semifinals. We did not meet the objectives and we have to rethink everything that is happening. I’m self-critical, I’m not happy with the Copa América I did, but we all have to be self-critical”.

Christiane Endler: “We can’t play like this”

‘Tiane’ also had words for his performance, highly questioned in the falls against Paraguay and Colombia for the group stage of the contest.

“Obviously one always wants to do the best, in the best conditions. But I think that even though some games were not the best and I was somewhat irregular, I don’t think the results will go through us”, insisted the Chilean captain.

Then, the goalkeeper pointed out what will be the way to the World Cup Repechage and what the women’s team should do better.

“We cannot settle for what is now. We have to continue growing as a team, as a national team and as women’s football. We need you to join us. We all have to improve and be self-critical, the team, the coaching staff… If we want to go to the World Cup, we can’t play like this.”sentenced Christiane Endler.

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