“Chronic cough”, a silent threat that is annoying Leaving it on may be more dangerous than you think.

What type of cough should I see a doctor?

– Coughing for more than 8 weeks

– A cough that gets more and more intense

– Cough with other symptoms such as blood, weight loss, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain

– Cough with blood in sputum

– Cough from having been in contact with TB patients or being in close contact with TB patients

– Have congenital diseases such as diabetes, kidney, heart, when coughing should see a doctor

chronic cough for a long time may cause these diseases

– pulmonary tuberculosis

– lung cancer

– Emphysema

– Asthma

– air allergy

– acid reflux

– sinusitis

– Respiratory hypersensitivity

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