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2024-02-24 17:53:00

The Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrichgot into the fight that began this Friday afternoon between the governor of Chubut, Ignacio Torresand the president Javier Miley, due to the cutback of resources directed to the Patagonian province. The official, still president of the PRO, criticized Torres’ attitude, alleging that “they are not the values” of the party. Last night, in a joint statement, The governors of Together for Change and the Head of Government of Buenos Aires supported their counterpart from the south.

“One thing is the discussion about the debts and financing of the provinces, what a member of the PRO cannot do is a rebellion stating that they are going to take away our oil, generating national and international uncertainty. Oil does not belong to the governors, it belongs to the companies and the people of Chubut“said Bullrich in a strong defense against the statements of someone who, until months ago, was one of his favorite leaders in the yellow party.

This Friday, a statement signed by six southern governors, among whom was Torres, demanded the reduction of contributions for co-participation, transportation and education. In return, Chubut expressed itself strongly stating that it would stop providing gas and oil to the National Government. His statements provoked a response from Milei, who is in the United States and threatened to arrest the governor.

Milei vs. governors: several leaders supported the claim of the southern provinces

In morning dialogue with radio MitreBullrich accused the former PRO senator of “generating a national secession” and maintained that “it is not the way out and they are not the values ​​of the PRO.”

Bullrich and his dialogue with Nacho Torres

I told Nacho: you are going to end up like Catalonia, I thought I was saying it as a joke, but I never imagined that a governor was going to decide to stand on the oil and not let it out.“said the minister about her talk with Torres.

After describing the provincial position as “tightening”, he added: “We have to be determined to change, we all have to make efforts, Chubut received a very difficult situation, I have discussed it with Torres and a conversation in a different tone is due with the government “.

Patricia Bullrich

Regarding the setback in committee of the bill “Bases and Starting Point for the Freedom of Argentines”, for which according to the southern governors there is animosity between Milei and the provinces, Bullrich expressed that “they must be aware that they voted against a law without measuring the consequences for the provinces”. “The country has to organize itself, the government gave a very clear possibility in voting on a law that generated many benefits for society and ordered zero deficit,” he added.

Then, he justified the actions of the national administration: “This law did not come into effect and had consequences, the Government was left with the instruments it had to organize the country and ensure that Argentines stop suffering. We must understand that when a Government asks for instruments, If they don’t give it to them, then there are consequences.”

The governors of Together for Change supported Torres

The Cambiemita governors issued a statement to support the governor of Chubut, while urging the National Government to “comply with the Constitution and urgently send the co-shareable resources that belong to the province.”

Elisa Carrió, with everything against the Milei government: “We ended up in chaos”

The document was signed by Jorge Macri (CABA), Leandro Zdero (Chaco), Gustavo Valdés (Corrientes), Rogelio Frigerio (Entre Ríos), Carlos Sadir (Jujuy), Alfredo Cornejo (Mendoza), Marcelo Orrego (San Juan), Claudio Poggi (San Luis) and Maximiliano Pullaro (Santa Fe).

This support for Torres has its correlation in the fight that Milei has been having with all the leaders over the cut of economic resources, under the motto that “there is no money.”

In this way, Bullrich chose the side of the government to which he belongs and stood on the sidewalk in front of the governors who until the last elections were his allies.


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