Chuck Feeney, the American billionaire who wanted to end up “broke”

Co-founder of the Duty Free Shoppers brand, Chuck Feeney, 89, set himself the goal of giving almost all of his fortune, or more than $ 8 billion, nearly forty years ago. A goal reached on September 14, reports Forbes, which portrays this iconoclastic philanthropist.

It is done, “The billionaire who wanted to die broke is now officially broke”, title Forbes. The business magazine publishes a portrait of Chuck Feeney, 89, co-founder of the American distribution giant Duty Free Shoppers, who had set himself the goal of giving all his fortune to charity.

Over the past four decades, Feeney has indeed given “More than 8 billion dollars” to universities and charities around the world through its foundation, The Atlantic Philanthropies, which closed on September 14, on a long-established schedule.

62 million for the abolition of the death penalty

Feeney has thus given $ 3.7 billion to finance the education sector, more than $ 870 million for human rights, including $ 62 million in grants for the abolition of the death penalty to United States and $ 76 million to support Obamacare. He has also made donations of more than 700 million dollars in the health sector, notably subsidizing, in the amount of 270 million dollars, the improvement of public health services in Vietnam.

Forbes considers the octogenarian a pioneer “The idea of ​​donating his fortune during his lifetime” and points out that Feeney has made efforts to donate relatively anonymously. This is not the case for all wealthy philanthropists.

Charles “Chuck” Feeney, 89, had amassed a colossal fortune by selling luxury goods in airports, “While leading an almost monastic life”, ensures the magazine, which indicates that the former billionaire lives in an apartment in San Francisco, “Who has the austerity of a freshman dorm in college”.

Today, Feeney “Has nothing left” and he does “Could not be happier”, says the magazine, known for publishing an annual ranking of billionaires in the world. At the scale of Forbes and Chuck Feeney, this “nothing” still amounts to “Nearly $ 2 million”, set aside for a comfortable retirement. And live his last days more or less “Broke”.


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