Chulalongkorn University advises to stop using “thermometers” to test for covids pointing to no use

Today, June 14, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jesada Denduang Borriphan (Ajarn Jetsada) Lecturer at the Department of Biology Faculty of Science Chulalongkorn University and science communicator Post via facebook page Oh, it’s like this by Ajarn Jet About the issue of deprecation “thermometer” can test for covid because it is useless All information is stated as follows.

I’ve been told many times that it should be discontinued. “thermometer” Or a thermoscan now .. Besides, it doesn’t really help anything about the control of COVID-19. And also create negative effects as well.

Thermo scanner We use it in China. that since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak understand that It’s a common cold. and the infected person/patient will have a fever

but in fact Over 50% of infected people will not have any symptoms. of the disease or as we call it asymptomatic … while those who show symptoms Only some of them had a fever. Not everyone is

Using these machines therefore have a negative effect because a lot of people misunderstand that they are not infected with covid when entering the area through a thermoscan It can go on to spread disease as well. We call this a false sense of security problem.

Not counting on the accuracy of the machine. That has always been a problem, such as measuring it and the temperature is lower than it really is. However, the temple did not show any signs of fever.

Therefore, it can be seen that in other countries especially in the west not popular “thermometer” these, but to focus on “Wearing a mask”, which has the main function of reducing the spread of infection from our body. to reduce the problem of not knowing whether we are infected or not

(That’s the point that Why did the World Health Organization WHO initially say People who are not sick do not need to wear a mask. because I do not know that to have no symptoms but may spread coronavirus)

Now, when all over the world there are atk test kits used to detect COVID-19 cases (which in Thailand have been used for a long time after other countries), the popularity of using thermo-scans. It’s almost invisible. because it is not very useful and even punishable

In conclusion, stop using it. wasting time In the use of these items… Emphasis is placed on wearing masks when entering crowded areas. or do an atk check before participating in the activity That’s enough.

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