Citizen kills her military husband due to lack of food provision – news

A disagreement between the woman and her husband, due to the fact that the latter was not providing maintenance, led to the former committing aggression and, consequently, the death of her husband.

The incident happened on December 26th, in the province of Uíge, municipality of Maquela do Zombo. The accused, a 45-year-old citizen, was arrested by the Criminal Investigation Service for allegedly being involved in the crime of murdering her 50-year-old husband, who in life was called António Domingos Ramos. . António was a retired FAA 2nd sergeant and had two wives and families to support.

At the time of the events, according to SIC-Uíge spokesperson, Zacarias Fernando, the couple had a disagreement due to the fact that the husband had two relationships and, for some time now, had not paid due attention. attention (providing food) at the accused’s house. Enraged by the situation, the accused decided to take drastic measures by inviting her three brothers (still on the run), who, in her company, tortured the victim until she died.

The woman and her brothers, upon realizing that the retired soldier was dead, devised a plan to make it appear that the victim had taken his own life by hanging, hanging his body from a tree. Investigations carried out by the Criminal Investigation Service in Uíge allowed the situation to be clarified and the victim’s wife was arrested in the town of Maquela do Zombo last Tuesday as the main suspect.

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