Clean energy generation is on track to break a new all-time record

2023-11-03 03:15:00

The role of clean energy in the national energy matrix is ​​increasingly preponderant and, if the trend that was registered from June continues, The green segment is preparing to close the year with the highest production in history. In the accumulated of the first nine months of 2023, electricity generation through this type of projects exceeded last year’s accumulated record, which was the highest to date.

According to official reports from the Wholesale Electricity Market Administration Company (Cammesa), Renewable electricity generation between January and September of this year was 14,313 GWh. It is worth remembering that the segment has dispatch priority, therefore, its contribution is prioritized over the rest of the technologies.

This is a slight jump of almost 1.5%, which gains value if you take into account that, until August, green production was lower this year.

According to Cammesa records, added to information processed by Power On, The accumulated renewable energy generation until July of this year was lower than that achieved in the same period last year. The scheduled maintenance of some parks this year conditioned the overall performance and counteracted the contribution of the new installed power that was added this year.

14.313 GWh
It is the total renewable generation that was registered during the first 9 months of the year.

This situation has balanced and reversed since August, which incidentally is the month in which the historical record of renewable generation for the period of a single month was reached.

Hand in hand with unprecedented performance from wind farms, During the eighth month of the year, 1,909 GWh of green energy were produced. This was key to surpassing the accumulated figure for the same period in 2022.

To take into account, the monthly average of renewable generation This year it was 1,590.33 GWh, while in the same period last year it was 1,568.33 GWh. The slight difference between one data and another was only marked starting in August. If the trend seen in the last two months continues, Argentina is on track to surpass the historical generation record in 2023.

Renewables: in September the second highest generation of the year was recorded

According to the latest Cammesa report, During the ninth month of the year, 1,687 GWh were generated and although it represents a month-on-month drop of almost 11%is the second highest green generation of the year.

Another way to tell what was mentioned above in this article: 2023 is on track to close with the highest green generation for the accumulated one yearand between January and July there was less production than in the same period last year.

Wind farms generated about 1,146 GWh, which is equivalent to a 20% drop compared to August, the month in which the highest wind production in history was reached (1,442 GWh).

1.442 GWh
This is the contribution made by the wind farms during September.

In the case of photovoltaic developments, 294 GWh were produced during the ninth month of the year, the highest contribution since January, when 306 GWh were generated. The performance of this technology in the month was essential for September’s total to be the second highest of the year.

Although its share of the total is low, Renewable hydraulic projects recorded a production of 136 GWh in September. Not only is it the highest contribution of the year, but to find a similar record you have to go back to March 2021, when they contributed 132 GWh and higher in December 2019 (141 GWh).

Finally, the biogas plants produced about 41 GWh, while the biomass plants produced another 70 GWh. In both cases, this is an average level for the segment that is conditioned by installed capacity.

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