Climate Projections: Heatwaves and Droughts Could Be More Intense in Belgium

2023-06-04 12:25:00

The summer weather puts you in a good mood, but that does not please the experts: it is likely to get hotter and the droughts could be more numerous and more intense. Christophe Deborsu’s guests talked about it on the set of It’s not every day on Sunday.

According to forecasts, it could be hot this summer, the fault of global warming. Fires like the one that took place in the Fens are likely to be repeated often in the coming years.

The situation worries Xavier Fettweis, climatologist at ULiège: “For the moment, in Belgium, we have not yet had large-scale forest fires, as we can observe in France. But, clearly, when we look at climate projections, that’s where we’re going“, he warns. Xavier Fettweis also believes that Belgium, in the midst of a drought, lacks water in summer.

The opinion is shared by Ella Jamsin, operational director of the Belgian climate center: “What we are already observing today, but which will increase, is the increase in the frequency of these extreme phenomena, drought, heat waves, but also torrential rains and floods.“.

Ella Jamsin illustrates her point: “In some scenarios, children born today will experience seven times more heat wave episodes in their lifetime than their grandparents born 60 years earlier.“.

So will Belgium soon be unlivable in summer? Ella Jamsin nuance: “There are other countries in which dramatic situations will happen much faster“.

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