Coach Troussier said something sacrosanct to the media!

“The media must maintain a distance from Vietnam U23 players”

As planned, at 10 am this morning, U23 Vietnam will practice the second session under French coach Philippe Troussier on the field of Vietnam Youth Football Training Center (My Dinh, Hanoi).

A large number of press reporters arrived early at 9:30 am ready for the player interview as scheduled to start 5 minutes before the training session. But all had to wait about 45 minutes to interview striker Nguyen Van Tung on the staff of the Hanoi club.

Coach Philippe Troussier confided to the media about working principles before training this morning. Photo: Minh Duc

The player’s interview lasted less than 5 minutes and after that, coach Troussier spent twice that time focusing on sharing with the media about his working principles.

“I have to make it clear to you all to avoid misunderstanding. The first thing as I have affirmed, I alone cannot realize the dream of attending the World Cup with Vietnamese football.

That needs consensus from all sides, including the particularly important role of the media. You are the ones who convey what we have prepared and done on the long journey, promising to face many difficulties to come.

You see, I don’t limit your working time like before. You can completely operate the training session of U23 Vietnam, but you need to keep the principle.”

Coach Troussier emphasized that during the first 5 minutes when the players start training, the media needs to keep a long enough distance from the players:

“They need to maintain maximum concentration. Just like you, when you are operating, reporting and someone is walking around, near you, will your work be effective? Are not?

After the players are in the wheel, fully focused on the training session, you can work in the area arranged by the VFF communications officer.

I also asked the VFF to arrange a rest area, drink water, and coffee for the press.”

In closing, coach Troussier emphasized: “You guys also need to ensure accuracy when reporting, don’t look or comment too deeply on issues that may affect the team, let the opponent exploit.

I hope and believe we will have a good cooperation in the near future because our common goal is a ticket to the World Cup.”

A remarkable detail is that after the exchange with a very determined face, coach Troussier showed a very friendly smile and invited reporters to the stands to take up positions.

Mr. Troussier “switched state very quickly” true to his style: “Very hot-tempered, strict on the training ground but very psychological, friendly and sociable off the field” like his student Nguyen Van Tung share.

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